Sunday, January 27, 2008

a tale of two sensors

It was the best of runs, it was the worst of runs...

My sensor -- the replacement one -- was even worse today. Two full laps around Green Lake registering as 2.72 miles. Clearly I need to recalibrate. It's just frustrating because it is fine on a treadmill. I guess I run very differently.

Wil's sensor, however, was pretty much spot on. We ran around the lake twice and then ran for 5 more minutes, which read as 6.18 miles, at a 10:28 min/mile pace. Wil also wore his heart rate monitor, which made us both feel as if we were going really slowly, but it also meant that we were never out of breath and were quite happily moving along. And, as I pointed out to Wil, that pace is more than twice as fast as "mine".

We started a few minutes behind a running group, which was handy, because they'd marked the mileage on the track. They were running 3 miles today, and were all in really good spirits. I like seeing happy runners.

The cold weather kept the crowds down at the lake, which was nice. We also started really early (for us, anyway) - it was only 8:35 when we started, I think. And we ran for a good hour, which still amazes me a little. Lots of ice on the lake, some even at the shore.

Given the sensor thang, I didn't complete my January goal today. But I'll complete it on Tuesday! Then I get to think about my February goal... is 50 miles too ambitious?

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