Sunday, January 6, 2008

5 Miles!

Just back from this week's long run -- five miles!

I feel really tired, a bit chilled, and my calves are screaming. (I'm stretching them as I type...)

Again we ran down to the Fred Meyer and onto the BGT. Again it was in to a headwind. I was really sluggish and had a hard time keeping up with Wil. At one point I must have been 15 feet behind him. Luckily he decided he wanted a short walk break, which gave me a chance to catch my breath, to0.

However, starting up from the break, Wil tweaked something and sent me off on my own. I decided I'd do the Adobe Loop and then catch up with him heading back. I was just about to make the turn through Adobe when I saw Wil coming up behind me, telling me to keep going. Apparently whatever "popped out" "popped back in". So on we went, a little further. I turned back at Speedy Reedy, looping back on the inside lane.

At 3 miles, Wil mistook my "two miles left!" arm flailing celebration for a "quick, turn right!" signal. Oops. But on we plodded. I took another short walk break at 3.5 miles, and then we ran the rest of the way home. Not the fastest pace ever, not the most enjoyable run ever, but we did it.

Apparently, I have been taking off my headphones too early to hear the special guest commentators. Today Paula congratulated me on my longest ever workout. Aww. Thanks Paula.

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