Sunday, January 13, 2008

5.5 miles!

Had to do this week's long run on my own because Wil is still resting his damaged Achilles tendon. I wasn't sure if I'd manage to get myself out of the house without him, but luckily the weather was beautiful -- bright sunshine, little wind, and unseasonable warmth. 

Didn't want to run alone on the BGT -- not sure why, but I just didn't want to be back there alone. So I drove over to Green Lake and decided to go around twice. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to pace myself very well, so I just decided to run at a comfortable pace and walk a minute after every mile. The path was crowded -- beautiful weather + January = lots of walkers and joggers. Just like me. 

Had wisely gotten out of bed early to eat some toast and egg, and then gone back to bed for a while before going out for the run. I think my extra slow performance last week was due to a lack of fuel. So this week I felt better. The first mile was tough, as usual, but then it got a bit easier. I made a point of drinking during each of the walk breaks, which also helped. 

It was strange to go around more than once. Not sure if it helped or made it worse. Had a collision with two little girls who ran into me (I had stopped because I couldn't tell where they were going). Even though they were stopped up against me, their little legs kept going. Bless. I saw them again a while later and the parents smiled at me. 

After my run, I walked for 5 minutes and then tried to find somewhere to stretch where I didn't feel like a prat. Didn't succeed, and ended up just stretching on the grass by the aquatheater. Then back to the car and home. 

Really pleased with myself for running alone, and really looking forward to Wil being able to join me again soon. I've done 19+ miles so far this month; just 25+ left to go.

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