Thursday, January 3, 2008

January at the Gym

Even though I got held up at work today -- had to complete my self assessment for Q4, yawn -- I still decided to go to the gym for a 35-minute run on the treadmill. Got there about 4:50, and it was already crowded. By the time I finished, every treadmill was full, as was every elliptical trainer, every exercise bike, and every stairmaster. I love January! All the fresh starts, all the new resolutions.

I didn't reset my treadmill after my 5-minute warmup walk, which meant that, after 15 minutes of running, it decided to go into cooldown mode. So much for a "manual" workout! So I hopped in place while trying to get it to reset so I could run the last 20 minutes. I'm sure that the unexpected break meant that I was able to run strong the whole way. Happy to report that my iPod worked okay, chiming out my remaining times and keeping me going. I love Nike+!!!

I set the pace as 6.0 mph, with a 1.0% incline. Passed the time by watching people outside struggle with their umbrellas (# turned inside out = 4). Still, happy when I hit 35 minutes, and then did a 5-minute cooldown walk. (Which meant that I again had to reset the machine, as they only give you a 2-minute cooldown.)

Came straight home to shower here, but then had to struggle to get my iPod to connect to the computer. A little fiddling, some furrowed brows, and Wil got it to go. I have officially logged 50+ miles with Nike+. Yay me!

Also joined my first "challenge" -- a pretty simple one, trying to run 30 miles in January. Still, I wasn't able to include today's run (or Tuesday's, of course), so I may not be able to get 30 in. We'll see.

Didn't sleep well last night so feeling tired today, and my back is achy. Must go to bed early tonight.

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