50 States

Okay, so I have a loooooong way to go here… but I'm now MORE THAN TWO-THIRDS OF THE WAY THERE!!!!

But this awesome little tool from Running in the USA will certainly help me color in a bit more of the map!

The fine folks at the Defocus Blog created a very cool "visited states" map, though I have used it for my own devices. I've raced in the blue states ... 37 so far... plus, as of 3/17/19, Washington DC! Yes, yes, I know it's not a state... 

I know I won't complete the 50 -- or even the 49 -- before I turn 50. But it feels good to be making steps in the right direction. I do still plan on holding Hawaii to the last race, however!

States I've run half marathons in -- and the first race run in each of them:
# State Date Race
1. 05/11/2008 Over the Dam Half Marathon
Grand Coulee, WA
2. 10/19/2008 Run Like Hell Half Marathon
Portland, OR
3. 09/06/2009 Disneyland Half Marathon
Anaheim, CA
4. 01/09/2010 Walt Disney World Half Marathon
Orlando, FL
5. 09/19/2010 Scenic Half Marathon
Sandpoint, ID
6. 02/13/2011 Mardi Gras Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 Marathon
New Orleans, LA
7. 07/26/2011 Great Alaskan Maritime Marathon 1/2
Juneau, AK
8. 09/18/2011 Chips & Salsa Half Marathon
Albuquerque, NM
9. 10/09/2011 Rock 'n' Roll Denver Half Marathon
Denver, CO
10. 04/07/2012 Oak Barrel Half Marathon
Lynchburg, TN
11. 04/14/2012 Palmetto Half Marathon
Columbus, SC
12. 04/15/2012 Run Raleigh Half Marathon
Raleigh, NC
13. 05/12/2012 Big Lake Half Marathon
Alton, NH
14. 05/13/2012 WMass Mother's Day Half Marathon
Whatley, MA
15. 10/20/2012 Pioneer Saloon Ghost Run Half
Goodsprings, NV
16. 11/11/2012 Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio
San Antonio, TX
17. 12/02/2012 Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon
Scottsdale, AZ
18. 04/27/2013 Park to Park Half Marathon
Waynesboro, VA
19. 04/28/2013 UC Half Marathon
Charleston, WV
20. 09/28/2013 Brewers Mini Marathon
Milwaukee, WI
21. 09/29/2013 Alpine Races Half Marathon
Lake Zurich, IL
22. 10/27/2013 Rock 'n' Roll St. Louis Half Marathon
St. Louis, MO
23. 05/03/2014 Indy Mini Marathon
Indianapolis, IN
24. 05/04/2014 Flying Pig Half Marathon
Cincinnati, OH
25. 06/14/2014 Marathon 2 Marathon 1/2 Marathon
Marathon, IA
26. 09/14/2015 Center of the Nation Series, Day 1
Baker, MT
27. 09/15/2015 Center of the Nation Series, Day 2
Bowman, ND
28. 09/16/2015 Center of the Nation Series, Day 3
Belle Fourche, SD
29. 09/17/2015 Center of the Nation Series, Day 4
Sundance, WY
30. 09/18/2015 Center of the Nation Series, Day 5
Chadron, NE
31. 10/04/2015 Wineglass Half Marathon
Corning, NY
32. 10/10/2015 Hartford Half Marathon
Hartford, CT
33. 10/11/2015 Newport Half Marathon
Newport, RI
34. 10/31/2015 Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA
35. 03/24/2016 Mainly Marathons Dust Bowl Series
Guymon, OK
36. 03/25/2016 Mainly Marathons Dust Bowl Series
Ulysses, KS
37. 10/21/2018 Detroit Free Press International Half Marathon
Detroit, MI
"#51" 3/17/2019 St. Patrick's Recovery Run Half Marathon
Washington, DC

States still on the waiting list - in alphabetical order:

# State Date Race
1. September
Dream Race: Talladega 21000
First Light Half (Back2Back with Mississippi Blues Half)
2. March Little Rock 1/2 Marathon
3. March
Caesar Rodney 1/2 Marathon
Monster Mash 1/2 Marathon
4. November Rock 'n' Roll Savannah
5. ?? almost any, really...
6. April Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon
7. April
Race the Runways 1/2
Mainly Marathons New England Series
8. September MCRRC Parks Half Marathon (same weekend as International Peace Half in D.C.)
9. October Monster Dash (St. Paul)
10. January Mississippi Blues 1/2 Marathon
(can run a "Back2Back Challenge" with Alabama's First Light 1/2)
11. October Atlantic City 1/2 Marathon
(same weekend as Monster Mash in Delaware)
12. January Revolution Run
13. June
Covered Bridge Half Marathon
Mainly Marathons New England Series

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