50 States

Okay, so I have a loooooong way to go here… but I'm now TWO-THIRDS OF THE WAY THERE!!!!

But this awesome little tool from Running in the USA will certainly help me color in a bit more of the map!

The fine folks at the Defocus Blog created a very cool "visited states" map, though I have used it for my own devices. I've raced in the blue states ... 36 so far, including Oklahoma and Kansas, which I've just come back from racing in. As for the rest of 2016, if all the stars align, I'll race in the green states (and the not-possible-to-see Washington D.C., too!). 

Until the end of last year I was beginning to wonder whether I would be able to complete the 50 -- or at least 49 -- by the time I turn 50. But I feel more positive now!

The goal, of course, is to run a race in Hawaii as soon as possible after my birthday to celebrate. You know, Hawaii Five O?

States I've run half marathons in -- and the first race run in each of them:
# State Date Race
1. 05/11/2008 Over the Dam Half Marathon
Grand Coulee, WA
2. 10/19/2008 Run Like Hell Half Marathon
Portland, OR
3. 09/06/2009 Disneyland Half Marathon
Anaheim, CA
4. 01/09/2010 Walt Disney World Half Marathon
Orlando, FL
5. 09/19/2010 Scenic Half Marathon
Sandpoint, ID
6. 02/13/2011 Mardi Gras Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 Marathon
New Orleans, LA
7. 07/26/2011 Great Alaskan Maritime Marathon 1/2
Juneau, AK
8. 09/18/2011 Chips & Salsa Half Marathon
Albuquerque, NM
9. 10/09/2011 Rock 'n' Roll Denver Half Marathon
Denver, CO
10. 04/07/2012 Oak Barrel Half Marathon
Lynchburg, TN
11. 04/14/2012 Palmetto Half Marathon
Columbus, SC
12. 04/15/2012 Run Raleigh Half Marathon
Raleigh, NC
13. 05/12/2012 Big Lake Half Marathon
Alton, NH
14. 05/13/2012 WMass Mother's Day Half Marathon
Whatley, MA
15. 10/20/2012 Pioneer Saloon Ghost Run Half
Goodsprings, NV
16. 11/11/2012 Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio
San Antonio, TX
17. 12/02/2012 Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon
Scottsdale, AZ
18. 04/27/2013 Park to Park Half Marathon
Waynesboro, VA
19. 04/28/2013 UC Half Marathon
Charleston, WV
20. 09/28/2013 Brewers Mini Marathon
Milwaukee, WI
21. 09/29/2013 Alpine Races Half Marathon
Lake Zurich, IL
22. 10/27/2013 Rock 'n' Roll St. Louis Half Marathon
St. Louis, MO
23. 05/03/2014 Indy Mini Marathon
Indianapolis, IN
24. 05/04/2014 Flying Pig Half Marathon
Cincinnati, OH
25. 06/14/2014 Marathon 2 Marathon 1/2 Marathon
Marathon, IA
26. 09/14/2015 Center of the Nation Series, Day 1
Baker, MT
27. 09/15/2015 Center of the Nation Series, Day 2
Bowman, ND
28. 09/16/2015 Center of the Nation Series, Day 3
Belle Fourche, SD
29. 09/17/2015 Center of the Nation Series, Day 4
Sundance, WY
30. 09/18/2015 Center of the Nation Series, Day 5
Chadron, NE
31. 10/04/2015 Wineglass Half Marathon
Corning, NY
32. 10/10/2015 Hartford Half Marathon
Hartford, CT
33. 10/11/2015 Newport Half Marathon
Newport, RI
34. 10/31/2015 Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA
35. 03/24/2016 Mainly Marathons Dust Bowl Series
Guymon, OK
36. 03/25/2016 Mainly Marathons Dust Bowl Series
Ulysses, KS

States still on the waiting list - in alphabetical order:

# State Date Race
1. September
Dream Race: Talladega 21000
First Light Half (Back2Back with Mississippi Blues Half)
2. March Little Rock 1/2 Marathon
3. March
Caesar Rodney 1/2 Marathon
Monster Mash 1/2 Marathon
4. November Rock 'n' Roll Savannah
5. ?? almost any, really...
6. April Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon
7. April
Race the Runways 1/2
Mainly Marathons New England Series
8. September MCRRC Parks Half Marathon (same weekend as International Peace Half in D.C.)
9. April Martian Invasion Half Marathon
10. October Monster Dash (St. Paul)
11. January Mississippi Blues 1/2 Marathon
(can run a "Back2Back Challenge" with Alabama's First Light 1/2)
12. October Atlantic City 1/2 Marathon
(same weekend as Monster Mash in Delaware)
13. January Revolution Run
14. June
Covered Bridge Half Marathon
Mainly Marathons New England Series
#51 March
Rock 'n' Roll DC
International Peace Half Marathon (same weekend as the Parks Half in Maryland)

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