Sunday, November 15, 2020

Seasonal Stitch-a-Long, part 3

Hi everyone! What a long, strange three weeks it's been. Hope you are all safe, healthy, and happy. I'm writing this early as we'll be spending the weekend away for our fifteenth anniversary, which seems unbelievable. 

I'm happy to report that at 10:30 pm on Halloween night, I finished all the stitching on my sugar skulls project:

(Yeah, it was a pretty quiet night...)

Then I sewed them back-to-back in pairs, and hung them on my little Halloween tree. Ahhh. 

I've decided to set myself a task to make an ornament every year for that tree. And, of course, I already have next year's planned. (Ha!) Yep, it's another Mill Hill Beads kit, but this one is much smaller and simpler. But we'll talk about that NEXT October!

I thought I should start work on a Christmas project ... ideally one of the vintage "felt and sequins" kits in my stash. But instead I decided to start on a funny little kit that I had seen, randomly, in a craft store while my husband and I were killing time as our trailer hitch was installed. 

It was so ridiculous that it made my husband laugh. It was in a big chain store that I don't like to shop at due to how they treat their employees, so I didn't buy it. Then a few days later I saw the kit, and well, I couldn't resist it. Amusingly, when it arrived it had accidentally been sent as TWO kits, and when I contacted the store they just told me to keep it. 

As a "learn to craft" kit, it stitched up very quickly.

I wasn't sure what to do with the finished piece, but decided to stitch it on to a packing cube I am giving Wil for Christmas. (Super romantic, eh? Let's just say it's the gift of adventures yet to come...)

Now would I start a Christmas kit? Yes and no. I found this silly banner in my stash. 

I opened it up, read the instructions, and looked at all the bits. And I STILL didn't feel like starting it. 

Weird, eh? In the meantime, I had decided to try needle felting. (Yeah, I'm pretty scattered lately...). I found a really cute and well-priced kit on Etsy and bought one for me and one for a girlfriend. She and I have been holding weekly "Happy Hours" via FaceTime and figured we could do them together. 

They're certainly imperfect, but I'm pleased with the results for a first attempt!

Feels like the only thing I didn't work on was either the Christmas banner or my lovely tiger! But now that it's November, it's time to get the banner started. I hope to have something to show at our next check-in,  on December 6. (Maybe...)

The other incredibly talented stitchers work on a variety of beautiful projects -- pop over to their blogs for a bit of inspiration! 

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