Thursday, January 17, 2008

a better brick

Went to the gym in Bellevue today so that I could have a swim. After warming up for 5 minutes, I ran for 40 minutes on the treadmill, starting slow (5.5 mph) and speeding up 0.1 mph every 5 minutes. Still feeling a little twinge in my right ankle... not a strain, but an intermittent weakness. Not sure how else to describe it. But after the first 5 minutes I felt pretty good, and felt like my breathing was smooth.

After my run I changed into my swimsuit and hit the pool. Pretty quiet -- a woman with her little boy in the far right lane, and woman in the far left lane who got out within minutes of my getting in the pool. A man later took her lane, and made a marvellous, cetacean sound as he swam. I think he must have been humming or something as he exhaled underwater. It was sorta distracting, but also nice and soothing. I swam for 25 minutes, doing 12 lengths of crawl, 8 lengths with the kickboard, 4 lengths of crawl, and 8 lengths of breaststroke.

Unfortunately someone had stretched their towel across the top bench in the sauna, so I didn't really get to relax. Given how terrible the traffic home was, I should have just skipped the 5 minutes. But it was still really nice to be warm for a while.

According to Nike+ I've completed over 27 miles so far this month. Just 18 more to go! I feel stiff most mornings, and stairs are creaky for me, but otherwise I feel pretty good,

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