Tuesday, January 29, 2008

goal attained!

Met Wil at the gym DT for some treadmill running. Wil ran 35 minutes while monitoring his heartrate; I ran 45 minutes monitoring my sensor. Pathetic, yes, but it was good to see it work on the treadmill at least.

Happy to report that the 4.26 miles today officially pushed me over my 45-mile goal for the month of January. Yes, I know that I made my goal sometime last week, given all the malfunctions, but it's nice to have it "official". I also entered my goal for February: 50 miles. We'll see.

I felt good during the run, breathing pretty easily until the very end. My right knee had a little twinge at minute 35, but then felt okay. Right calf still tight.

Feet felt funny after the run, as if the bones were... loose? Tender? Weak? Not sure how to describe it. I think Wil's right -- I should go back to my older, more sturdy Saucony kicks until I make the time to get refitted.

Tomorrow I'll be sending off our registrations for the Birch Bay International Road Race, which is a nice 15K run. With tech socks. Oh yeah.

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