Thursday, January 10, 2008

dumb as a brick

Was in a bit of a hurry this morning -- couldn't decide whether to go in to the office a bit late and go to the gym in the morning, or to go in to the office at the usual time and leave a bit early to go to the gym. Morning in the office won out, but it meant that I rushed around getting my things ready... and I forgot to put socks in my gym bag.

When I got to the gym after lunch, I decided that, since my shoes were already broken in, I would go ahead and run. I was more worried about the sensor working (the replacement hadn't yet arrived) than my feet.

Got on the treadmill and started walking to warm up. The iPod couldn't read the sensor... boo. Then I remembered that I might have turned it off while trying to get it to read. So I stopped, took my shoe off, and tried to get it to connect. Success! Shoe back on, treadmill turned up to 5.7, and off I went.

After about 20 minutes, my right foot had a hotspot on the arch. I soldiered on. After 25 minutes, the left foot had one to match. Again, I kept going. After 30 minutes, I got a hotspot on my right heel. Almost done, I reasoned, so on I went. 35 minutes, 3.43 miles. My January total (as per Nike+: 14.1 miles).

Limped through a very short cooldown (3 or4 minutes), and then headed to the locker room. Three big blisters. Ouch.

Reasoning that my feet wouldn't be hurt any more by swimming, I got changed into my suit, showered, and hit the nearly empty pool. I swam for 25 minutes, mixing freestyle, kickboard, and breaststroke for 36 lengths. Funniest moment: when a "water walker" lady passed me, going faster than I could kickboard. Nice.

In other news, I got tickets to the "Spirit of the Marathon" movie for the 24th at Pacific Place, and when I got home my new sensor has arrived from Apple. Bless them. Tomorrow I'll go calibrate it in preparation for the long run at the weekend.

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