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We’re runners who travel, travelers who run. And we look for adventures big and small wherever we go. Whether we’re camping in the back garden or trekking the Inca Trail, we know adventure is everywhere. We love half marathons, music, art, Disney, road trips, new experiences, and old friends. We write about running, people who inspire us, places we go, things we do, stuff we make, and pretty much whatever else crosses our mind. We’re happy you’re here!

Our Story 

Wil and Sunny met in 1994 in a youth hostel in Ironbridge, England. Sunny was spending a summer studying 19th-century architectural history before starting graduate school; Wil was spending a year living and working in beautiful places after university. Our eyes met in the dining room, where Wil said 5 romantic words: “Take two potatoes, they’re small.” We stumbled across each other at a bluegrass festival the next day (bluegrass – honest!), and soon bonded over our shared love of music … right down to both owning the same Wonder Stuff t-shirt. After that summer we lost touch – Sunny moved three times in her first year at UC Berkeley – but we both always thought of each other as “the one who got away”.

Fast forward to 2005. One of our shared favorite bands, Pop Will Eat Itself, had reformed and did a small tour in the UK. Sunny made the decision not to fly across the pond to see them (a rare moment of restraint). She read that they made live recordings of each show, however. In another rare moment of restraint, she decided not to buy all 6 sets, but to figure out which show was the BEST show. So on March 15, Sunny signed on to the PWEI discussion board to see what people reckoned was the best one. On the landing page, she saw a post from THEBOYWIL. And, if you clicked his username, you could send him a private message. So she did.

“Are you the Wil I met at Ironbridge Youth Hostel back in 1994? It’s Sunny.”

Within a couple of hours Wil wrote back, “Hi, yes it’s me, and I’m SO GLAD to hear from you…”

We started emailing every day, then IMing, and eventually Skypeing. On something of a whim, Sunny invited Wil to join her on a road trip she was planning 6 weeks later. On a whim, Wil said yes.

In May 2005, Wil came to visit Sunny in Seattle, and we went on a road trip to take Sunny’s dad’s ashes back to Indiana, where we scattered them during the Indianapolis 500. We drove 4000 miles, visited 17 states, and, while sitting on a porch swing across the street from Graceland, we decided we should get married.

We got married in Gretna Green, Scotland, in November 2005; Wil got his green card to come to the United States in December 2006; and we’ve been living in Seattle ever since.

We ran our first 5K in 2007, our first half marathon in 2008, and our first marathon in 2009. Wil completed his 40@40 project (40 half marathons between March 1, 2012 and February 28, 2013 – the year he was 40). Sunny is currently two-thirds of the way through her 50 states project (a half marathon in all 50 states). We hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in 2014, summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2017, and now we have this idea that we should see all the remaining wonders of the world. Oh, the places we’ll go!

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