Tuesday, January 15, 2008

half way there

Snuck in a workout between my morning meetings and my afternoon meetings, which made me feel both virtuous and naughty.

Did 35 minutes on the treadmill at the DT gym, felt slow and stiff at first but then happily settled in and increased my speed as I went. In the end, just over 3.5 miles. Gym not very crowded at 12:30...

Loaded my run to Nike+ and was very pleased to find that I'm just over half way to my goal of 45 miles in January - yay!

Right calf a bit tight now, and my knees felt extra crunchy today. Will take some Vitamin I before bedtime. Blisters healing, slowly, but I am still putting the blister pads on for workouts. Tomorrow is a well-earned day of rest.

Random thought, from Tolkien, courtesy of Dr. Robin Chapman Stacey, whom we saw lecture tonight: "We need the consolation dragons provide". Nice.

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