101 in 1001

101 things in 1001 days

The idea: make a list of 101 tasks, both large and small, that you would like to achieve over the next 1001 days. Why 1001 days? Because that's long enough to complete larger projects, but not so long that it's "someday". I have tried this before ... with mixed results. The first time I set up several "do x 30 times" sort of things, which meant I didn't keep track or finish the vast majority of them. The second time I did a bit better and made more things "one-offs", and completed 56/101. Of course, part of that was in 2020, and we know how this year has been. So I've decided to kick off the project again, two weeks after the last round finished. Why? Because it's on my mind, and because I think I'd like to start in the autumn rather than with all the "resolutions" nonsense. So I think I have an even better chance of getting more done.

The categories will seem familiar -- it's a good way for me to divide up my interests. No surprise, last round I did best in adventure and crafting, and I did worst in fitness. I've rolled over a number of projects because, well, they're still important. You can read more about it in this wrap-up / intro post. 

I'll try, again, to keep this page updated as I go. And when I complete a "thing" I even get to check it off my list: 

Start date: October 10, 2020
End date: July 8, 2023

Adventure Time
1. go backpacking – at least 2 days hiking, one night camping
2. go BIKEpacking – at least 2 days biking, one night camping
3. go kayaking
4. hike up to Camp Muir
5. take an introductory SCUBA course
6. visit the Japanese Garden
7. visit a new country
8. finish this list of 101 things!!!
94. Holiday Challenge with Jenny

Always Be Learning

9. get GA-certified (at least, take all the free training possible)
10. learn Photoshop
11. learn Project (is there certification?)
12. make 5 bracelets
13. put something up for sale on ETSY
14. take remaining cheese course at River Valley Cheese
15. get to Spanish checkpoint 6 in Duolingo
16. get to Japanese checkpoint 4 in Duolingo
17. learn basic kumihimo braiding
18. learn wool felting
19. find and complete a sketch-a-day project
20. experiment with visual notetaking
96. "Let's Make Art" projects
99. Read about John Lubbock, Baron Avebury

21. set up wordpress about me page
22. set up wordpress shadow blog
23. blog 150 times
24. learn how to watermark images

25. read Boswell’s “Life of Johnson”
26. read Darwin’s “Descent of Man”
27. read Darwin’s “The Expression of Emotions in Animals and Man” AND his testimony at the Royal Commission on Subjecting Live Animals to Experiments
28. read Darwin’s “Variation Under Domestication”
29. finish Macaulay’s “A History of England”
30. read Behlmer's "Risky Shores"
31. re-read the Little House books
32. read Francis Galton's "The Art of Travel" and "Hints to Travellers"
33. read Orwell's "The Road to Wigan Pier"
34. read Orwell's "Down & Out in Paris and London"
35. read Orwell's "Keep the Aspidistra Flying"
36. read Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four"
37. read Orwell's "Coming Up for Air"
38. read Orwell's "Animal Farm"

39. sashiko bag stitched and finished
40. blackwork citrus stitching
41. wool felt kit 
42. silk and merino scarf kit
43. craftacular clean up – audit the craft cabinet / stash
44. make something out of kanga fabric
45. simple sashiko throw
46. something useful out of the thick ethnic fabric
47. tamari ball kit
48. "no probllama" kit on a bag
49. Christmas banner kit
50. Santa latchhook pillow cover
51.sakura sashiko kit
52. Mill Hill calaveras ornament kits x6
53. design and stitch calaveras Halloween tree skirt : calaveras in felt + embroidery
54.safari quilt top sewn
55. safari quilt finished
56. Japan scrapbook
57. 2020 / Northern Lights scrapbook
58. "vegan leather" wristband with Golden Lily pattern
59. sewing machine cover
60.octopus needle case
61. new cover for my warmy pillow
62. tiger needlepoint stitched
63. tiger needlepoint into a pillow
64. stash afghan (learn basket stitch first!)
97. Kilimanjaro embroidered pin
98. Fuji embroidered pin
101. British Museum Hokusai cross stitch kit

65. do 25 military pushups
66. do 50 military pushups
67. make progress on 50-states project : run in 5 new states
68. run a sub-60-minute 10K
69. run a sub-2:15 half
70. run a 9-minute mile
71. swim one mile in open water
72. touch my toes
95. Run the Year
100. Americathon

73. make our advanced directives / Five Wishes
74. complete Household Organizer book
75. digitize our slides
76. make a 3-day emergency kit
77. make a personal website
78. complete our wills
79. organize retirement accounts
80. take a home inventory

House Proud:
81. audit and reorganize spices
82. clear out games
83. draft blocker – make a temperature record one
84. sell/shed 100 books
85. sell Hallmark ornaments
86. submit a craft to the Puyallup Fair
87. plant tulip bulbs
88. get new window screens
89. repair / replace back stairs
90. new pantry window
91. clean siding and eaves
92. new gutters -- actually just needed cleaning!
93. rain chain / possibly rain barrel


  1. You have some great plans here, maybe a little heavy on the Orwell? ;) Good wishes to you as you finish the list and start checking them off!

    1. I like to have a reading theme -- or a "featured author". I loved the three Orwell books I read decades ago, and always wondered what the rest were like. So I plan to revisit the old ones and try the new ones. I didn't get particularly far in my Darwin reading last time ... or my Macaulay! But with winter coming I just want to say indoors and read.