Wednesday, July 14, 2010

triathlon, of sorts...

Yesterday I seemed to figure out this "funemployment" thing. I have been struggling to develop some sort of schedule, some sort of routine, but end up with the days just slipping away with little apparent accomplishment. I guess I am the sort of person who needs to do something, achieve something -- or maybe just plan to not achieve something? -- and the lack of rhythm and structure has been making me edgy.

But yesterday I managed to get things to click. I got up with Wil, packed my things, and I dropped him off at work while I went to the 7:30 hot yoga class. I love the 7:30 class. Not too crowded, not too early, not too late. Juuuuust right. Had a good workout -- though my back feels a little sore or stiff today. Still felt queasy during the camel pose.

Because the weather was starting to clear, I decided to head over to Magnolia to Mounger Pool for their water exercise class at 11:00. Mounger is a treasure -- an outdoor public pool -- and I wanted to check it out during the day. Got there 20 minutes early, but was allowed to go in, get changed, and I lay on a lounge chair in the sun reading a magazine until class started. Water exercise was attended by the usual suspects -- sweet elderly ladies, very heavy men and women, and bored housewives. Oh, and the unemployed (me). The instructor was a little bored, and it certainly wasn't as high energy as I would have hoped, but it was a gorgeous day and great to splash around a bit. After class I hung out on the lounger and watched the first 15 minutes of the noon lap swim -- CROWDED, but not as bad as the 5pm one. I still think that this may be a great place to go on Tuesday lunches.

Then home, where I did some work -- I set up my Girls on the Run fundraising page and posted the link on Facebook, and also did a few hours of work on my resume -- and then went for a run on the treadmill downstairs. Just a 5+(5:1)x6+5 workout, but it was easy and I felt good throughout. So another 4.05 miles under my belt for the month.

Not the most usual of multisport days, but a nice bit of exercise to make up for a slothful weekend.

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