Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the countdown begins!

Somehow we have already hit the 16-weeks-to-race-day point -- YIKES!!! Feeling a bit stressed on two counts:
1. Getting the training in
2. Raising the money for Girls on the Run!

But all will be well, I know it.

Today lured Wil out for a little run by promising to collect him at the bus stop. Met him at MOHAI, and then we drove to Greenlake for a spin around the lake. We were supposed to do a 42-minute workout, but since it's Wil's first run in nearly two months, we took it easy. Ish. Wil kept up a too-fast pace for most of it, leaving me queasy after one loop. As such, was happy to cut it short at 30 minutes.

Yay to Wil for getting back "on his feet"!

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