Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New kicks...

Ah, Cascadia...

Went for a run this morning -- wearing my new trail running shoes so I could break them in. Really struggled with the "short" workout, for some reason. It was just meant to be a 5:1 x 6 set, not too hard, but I had to fudge the run bits after the first two sets. Weird.

What I did wrong: I waited until nearly 9am to start my run... by which point it was already hot. Okay, not east coast hot, but still 75+ degrees. I didn't drink anything before running, or bring any fluids with me. I didn't wear any sunscreen or a hat.

What I did right: I took it easy when I felt ooky. I kept in the shade as much as possible.

But at least it's some mileage under my belt. Oh, and apparently I ran fast -- 8-minute miles for the first half. No wonder I felt sick. :)

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