Thursday, July 8, 2010

my new treadmill!

Today I took delivery of my beautiful, new-to-me treadmill. Met the movers at Elizabeth's house, watched them break the big machine down and move it out of her place, then we drove to mine and they set it up in our basement. Thanks to having an unfinished ceiling, it's possible to run on the thing -- between the beams, that is!

I'm super glad that we got Mercury Fitness to move the thing. See, it's a Life Fitness T5 -- a very big, very heavy, very sturdy treadmill. And even with the two guys, it still took a while to break down and set up. The guys were great, very friendly, very efficient, and very helpful. Now, I hope I don't have to move it again, but I wouldn't hesitate to call them if I did.

After going to the hardware store for a 14-gauge power cord, I decided to go for a spin and try today's workout: 5:1x7. I love running on treadmills because it's just so easy... and it's much, MUCH cooler in my basement than outside in the 97-degree heat. Even so, I still ended up sweating all over the poor machine.

Add 4.57 miles to the log!

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