Thursday, July 15, 2010

hot yoga, day 5

From the minute I walked in the studio this morning I felt a little off. The room felt TOO hot, somehow, and I felt a little woozy. But I figured it would pass. I really struggled through the standing postures -- the "standing head to knee pose" was especially rough today -- and I couldn't seem to get myself balanced at all. Not sure if I was hungry, not hydrated enough, etc., but I was really happy to go into "corpse pose" and start the floor postures. Still felt nauseous attempting "camel pose". But I made it through the practice without either running from the room or passing out.

I note this because, for the first time in my 5-class run, three different women scurried out of the room today. I had never seen anyone leave, let alone three people. But I guess if you're feeling ooky and you've seen someone else do it, why wouldn't go get out of the heat?

Other amusements today: the woman next to me was a noisy yogi. She did lots of "whooshing" breathing throughout, and whenever we moved into "corpse pose" she basically threw herself on her back with a thud. Also, the instructor came in wearing something extra skimpy and explained that she had forgotten to wash her yoga gear last night so was wearing "backup gear" -- "but it's okay because I'm just leading now, not practicing..."

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