Friday, July 30, 2010

Sammamish River Trail

Dropped Wil off at work this morning with a plan: to run on the Sammamish River Trail. I had only ever been on the trail once before, I think -- years ago, during a work offsite, after our hot air balloon ride. (Things were once good at the magenta T...). But when I went to Map My Run and searched for a Redmond run, the trail came up and it seemed just about perfect for a morning 5-miler.

I parked on the street near the city hall (very nice -- but I bet you thought those stairs in the glass corner would look prettier somehow...) and walked down the ramp to the trail and headed out. A couple of minutes in to my warm-up walk I spotted a bunny, which is a sure sign of an awesome run.

I was a bit worried that it would be like walking along a freeway -- albeit a bicycle freeway -- given that it was 7:35 when I set out and the trail runs between Woodinville and Redmond. But there weren't all that many bikes, and most people were friendly and called out "on your left" before whizzing past. I started daydreaming about commuting along this trail, but then remembered that I really don't want to live on the east side...

Still, the trail was lovely, broad, and flat -- with tiny inclines every so often as we approached bridges or climbed out of underpasses.

I felt a bit sluggish at first, and seem to be a bit sore in my right shin, but once I relaxed and loosened up things went okay. I somehow didn't manage to get a picture, but there's a lovely otter relief in the wall of one underpass -- that totally made my morning.

I don't know how much longer I will find myself unscheduled... but this is a great spot to run, so perhaps Wil has found himself a ride to work for a while longer. :)

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