Friday, November 30, 2007

Falling Behind in Blogland

It's been a really busy week, with dinners and events every night. Still, we did manage to get our exercise in!

On Tuesday I couldn't remember what we were supposed to run. I guessed an 8:2 x 3, which seemed too short, so decided we should run 9:1 x 3. But once we were at the noisy gym, separated by a woman watching Oprah, I couldn't hear the bell on my watch or really see Wil without staring at the woman... so I just ran.

Once I hit 15 minutes, I decided to run till the 19 minute mark. But then I again didn't hear my watch, and I felt fine anyway... so I ran the full 30. Whee!

It just confirms that treadmills are exponentially easier than running in the real world... I don't think I could run at 9-minute mile pace for 30 minutes anywhere but on a treadmill. Still, it's good cardio, which is where I think I need the most work.

Then last night we should have run 12:2 x 3... but it was the T-Mobile marketing party, so we went there and shook our groove things for a couple of hours instead.

Tomorrow we start running for distance rather than for time... we're meant to run 2-3 miles, which is what we're currently running, but to think of it in terms of the distance run. So I'm looking forward to that mental shift.

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