Sunday, December 2, 2007


It snowed on Saturday -- big fluffy flakes that fell for a couple of hours. We were preparing for Sunday's party and going over to Kory's for dinner, so we decided to postpone our run until today... and that neither rain nor sleet nor snow would keep us from completing our distance goal: 2-3 miles.

This morning's weather was pretty nasty -- rain, sleet, and snow. But we'd made a promise to ourselves, so we set off at 8:30 this morning. The good thing about the bad weather was that Green Lake was pretty quiet -- we even got to park in the lot by the pool.

It was so wet that we couldn't see very well, and so cold that our fingers were numb when we set out. We ran pretty slowly, but steadily. I set the Nike+ for 3 miles, and off we went. The first mile went well, and we were running at a reasonable pace. Then the second mile was slower. And then the third mile was torture. For me, anyway. Wil was doing fine. Poor thing, he always has to slow down for me.

I did like the way that it counted down the distance -- half a mile to go, 400 meters to go, 300 meters to go, 200 meters to go, 100 meters to go... then congratulations! What a relief.

It was frustrating how my keys kept knocking against the iPod, changing the music, but at least they didn't affect the workout.

So we ran nearly 3 miles today (it took me a little while of walking to get my iPod connected). My knees are aching -- it was so cold! -- but otherwise I feel okay. Tomorrow we're meant to do 18 minutes of cross training. I'm thinking about setting up the bike trainer in the basement and having a ride. Or maybe a swim?

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