Friday, November 23, 2007

Tofurky Trot

We decided to take the holiday off... all the better to stuff more veggie food down our gullets... oh, and to give thanks... It's Wil's first proper Thanksgiving, and we're both feeling extra thankful this year. Thankful that we're together, thankful that we have a beautiful house, thankful that we have two adorable cats, and thankful that we have been running. (Really!)

But today was a day to catch up on our run. It was another 8:2 x 3 day, which is a nice fallback run. The weather was glorious, crisp and cold but sunny and clear. So we suited up and headed out.

Wil wanted to run the first 8 around the school track; so we did. Unfortunately, we were running a little too soon after eating, so Wil felt sick. But he's a brave boy, and he kept with it. Members of the Ballard High wrestling team appeared and started to run around the track, so we headed back out to the streets. I felt pretty good, but Wil felt terrible. Still, we kept running, and arranged to meet at the pet store if we got separated.

During my third run I decided to do a little "hill work"... oof. I thought I was going to have to stop at the top and catch my breath. But I just slowed way down and got through it. And then I did another one. Same result.

Didn't plan my route well with my time, so I had to walk quite a ways at the end to get to Bark. Still, a good run, even if I didn't go very fast. Nike+ says 2.75 miles today, with a decent pace.

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