Tuesday, November 13, 2007

12:2 x 2

Well, that was certainly my longest run in months... I loaded up my Nano with some of my favorite tunes and we drove over to Green Lake for our 12-minute runs. I started off extra slowly, speeding up a little as we got warmer. I liked having music playing -- I could think about the songs, sing along in my head, and think "Well, only one more song...."

Had a sharp stitch in my side during the 2-minute walk break, so I think I was even slower to begin the second set. And I was REALLY TIRED by the 9th minute. I know this because I made the mistake of looking at my watch. Boo me.

But finally it was done. Still working out the kinks of this Nike+ thing. Just "stopping" my workout using the center button doesn't really stop it; it seems to just pause it until I use the menu to actually stop it. Oh well. It's only my second time.

Nike+ is very compelling. Today, including the 5-minute warm-up walk, we ran 2.93 miles. We averaged 10.55/mile pace... slow, until you factor in the 7 minutes of walking during the workout. So I'm pretty pleased.

After the run, the swim. Too crowded for my taste, and swim noodle was in our easy lane. So I'm not sure I ever swam more than one length at a time. Oh well. What I really wanted was the sauna, so that was still nice.

My right hamstring was feeling twingey after the run; I tried to be extra careful and attentive of it while stretching, but I still expect to be a bit gimpy tomorrow.

Feeling proud of our little 12-minute stretches. Silly, but proud. We're scheduled to run on Thursday, but it's our anniversary so we might give ourselves the night off...

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