Friday, November 9, 2007


We got invited to see Billy Joel last night -- we'll go almost anywhere we're invited, especially in a nice luxury box. As a result, we postponed yesterday's scheduled run until today. And let me say that Billy looks OLD, but sounds fantastic. I was really impressed by his voice, his musicality, and even his wry humor. I can't imagine going to see him again, but we were pleasantly surprised.

So today we had to make up for it. When Wil and I got home, we changed into running gear and drove over to Green Lake. We ran the first 8, with me huffing and puffing. The second 8 was even harder, and I got a nasty stitch in my side. The last 8 was very very slow -- or at least first 7 minutes were. I looked at my watch, saw that we had just 56 seconds to go, so I decided to pick up my pace. "Don't leave anything in the tank." Wil, who still seemed fresh and strong, easily matched it. At the end we were sprinting. I love the way my body feels when I run rather than just go my usual plodding jogging pace. My gait seems smoother and I feel like I'm really flowing. But my lungs just can't keep up. Still, it's very early days.

After our run we headed off to the pool. I swam for 15 minutes without stopping, and then did a couple of lengths with just a kickboard. I felt smooth and not too tired -- much better than the last swim. I swam two "fast" lengths to finish up. Then 10 or so minutes in the sauna, where my chest felt good, as did my hands.

We will probably delay tomorrow's run until Sunday to have a bit more rest. Of course, if the weather somehow brightens, we'll be out in it again.

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