Tuesday, November 6, 2007

2 out of 3 ain't bad...

Worked from home today. Wil sent a text in the early afternoon asking if I wanted to run around Green Lake and then have a swim and a sauna at the pool. Perfect!

Once Wil got home we dug out the swim caps and goggles and then headed off to Green Lake. The sun had already gone down when we started our first 8-minute run, but we could still see. We're going to have to find our lights -- it's just too dark now. The first 8 minutes went okay, though it seemed to go on forever. Moreover, the 2-minute walk break seemed so short! During the second 8 I got a painful stitch in my side, but managed to finish it. We resolved to go much slower for the third 8, which went okay. The good news is that we're run/walking nearly 3 miles.

After our run, we headed back to the car and got our swimming stuff. At Wil's suggestion, we went ahead and bought the unlimited pass for November. The nice lady at the counter was having trouble with the new system, so told us to go ahead and swim -- she'd catch us on the way out.

I had a very slow, awkward swim. My right shoulder started bothering me almost immediately, and I found myself trapped between several people who were going VERY "easy". Wil moved up to the medium lane and after a few stops, mid lap, I moved over as well. That said, I was pretty tired and only got in about 10 laps. Then I was ready for the sauna.

The sauna was very crowded -- lots of overly chatty men. Both Wil and I got trapped on the upper bench with someone sitting right in front of us. What's worse, I couldn't see Wil's face so I couldn't tell if he wanted to leave. A few hand signals and we were out of there after 15 minutes.

After we dried off, we headed over the Super Jock and Jill to pick up some elastic laces for the new shoes. I ended up with pink ones, because they only had 1 pair of black. Oh well. I also picked up the Jingle Bell Run entry forms, so I can fill those out and turn them in later in the week. Yay!

Feeling a little sore in my back, and worried that I didn't stretch enough after the run. We'll see tomorrow.

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