Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Eastside Brick

Tried the new gym in Bellevue today -- it's small but has schmancy locker rooms, nice big fluffy towels, a working sauna, and a pool. OooooOOOOOoooo. We ran 14:2 x 2, which I found tiring... or maybe boring. I think treadmills are weird for me, because I can too easily change the length of my stride and keep the same pace... but change the "beat". Then we stretched a bit; which we hadn't done on Saturday, which is probably why we both felt a bit gimpy the last couple of days.

Then over to the pool, which was empty when I got in, and then had a total of 5 people while we were there. Bliss. Swam two sets of 10 lengths each, and felt pretty good. Swimming does seem to make my back hurt, however... we'll see how I feel tomorrow.

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