Friday, December 21, 2012

Substitute Boot Camp, day two

Yeah, okay, I woke up sore. Heck, I woke up sore yesterday. But there's a big part of me that LOVES that...

Friday's camp starts at 6:00, so I got everything ready on Thursday night. Well, almost -- realized when I got to the locker room at work that I had an empty bottle of shampoo and no moisturizer in my bag. Oh well, at least I remembered to pack trousers...

There seemed to be a much bigger crowd on Friday than Wednesday. That said, the early class on Wednesday seemed really full, too. Jill led the class again, explaining the exercises at the five stations, and then sending us to run laps as a warmup. We had five stations. I started with three other women at the ring pull-ups / box steps station. We cleverly divided ourselves -- two on boxes, two on rings. (There were only two boxes and three sets of rings.) Once we had moved to other stations, we watched as other groups struggled with too many people at that station... and probably felt slightly smug. 

We did "crossbows" at our second station -- basically pulling super strong resistance bands with alternating arms. 

Then into the big room, where we jumped rope and did wall sits. (Oof.) The station after that had glute planks and something called a "genie squat" (or something...). And at the final station we used weights and did squats and "goal posts". Between each set, and again between each station, we did different cardio bursts, but I found them too brief to really get my heartrate up. 

Here's something a bit weird... people didn't seem to talk much during the workout. I said things a few times, but got little response amongst my group. And there certainly wasn't any whooping or glee. I guess Kerry has spoiled me!

I also felt that there wasn't particularly good form. With people in two rooms, and doing different exercises all at once, it seemed like Jill wasn't able to correct form -- or even demonstrate form. For example -- one of the cardio sessions was "squat jumps". She demonstrated them briefly, but when we started doing them, most people essentially were doing little bunny hops... not proper deep squats with jumps. A little weird.... but as Wil always tells me, I just need to run my own race, right?

Still -- camp is good. I'm happily sore again... obviously it's been A WHILE since I did any upper body or core work. And the facility is nice, and I'm just happy to be back to feeling active. I'm kicking myself a bit that I didn't start going last week -- to maximize the value of my voucher before leaving for Florida -- but this is still a great way to fill in the gap.

Looking at the Vast Fitness calendar, looks like the next session starts on Monday, January 7. Unfortunately I'll miss FIVE of the 16 sessions by running the marathon ... The session after that starts February 11 -- probably a much better time to go. 

So here's my plan:  work out with Sync (substitute boot camp!) till I leave for Florida. Then when I'm back, I can spend a week with Dillon checking out her new place. (She very kindly sent me a "work out with us for a week" token. Actually, she sent two... hmm...) Then I can start up with Kerry again a week after that. Sorted. 

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