Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Doing the splits...

So I don't usually have runner tracking at races -- I just don't think it's worth paying to have my splits texted to me while I'm running... especially if I don't know how many splits I'm going to get. But it was offered at the Runner's Den Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon for free, so I figured I might as well. (Plus it gave Wil a way to track me remotely...)

Anyway, they were super generous with the amount of splits they recorded... and I'm pretty thrilled to see that I got faster and faster as the race went on:

Split Time Estimated Finish Average
3.1 33:21 2:20:40 10:44 Walked for a minute early on in this split, before joining the group.
6.2 1:03:48 2:14:36 10:16 Big jump here!
10 1:42:05 2:13:50 10:12 Was running slightly ahead of the pace group here.
12 2:02:24 2:13:43 10:12 I'm proudest of this split -- got through my normal head game here without slowing down!
13.1 2:13:06   2:13:06 10:09 Ran the last mile at a 9:43 pace -- fantastic!
Wil now wants us to run a 2:10. Eek. But I think we could definitely get to that sometime next year if we keep at it!

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