Saturday, December 1, 2012

November Wrap-Up

Well, it was a strange month.  No boot camp, and only five runs. Of course, each of those runs was a half marathon....

I am writing this in my room in Scottsdale, where I am running a half marathon tomorrow and kicking off December.

I still have about 80 miles to run in order to hit my annual mileage goal. That is gonaa be pretty hard to hit, but I think I will get close. I would like to find a way to get some mid-week miles in again... It's just so darn dark!

Kerry's boot camp doesn't start again until January, but I have a deal for another one that will cover me for the weeks between Vegas and Orlando. And Nijah is teaching Zumba at work every Thursday. I have also been feeling like swimming again, so maybe I can find morning lap swim. And then of course I still have Zumba classes on my Fresh Fitness punch card, as well as samba classes with Janeale. So I should be able to shake off my sloth!

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