Sunday, December 30, 2012

Seattle Locks Fat Ass Half Marathon race report

We were looking for a race for the last weekend of the year -- I had considered the Yukon Do It race on the 31st, but then decided I didn't necessarily want to spend the money. I saw the Seattle Locks Fat Ass Half Marathon -- and that it was free -- and that the race started at Woodland Park.

We rolled up this morning, joined the small crowd at the picnic shelter. We got our bibs, listened to the course description (essentially, run out to Stone Way, down to the Burke-Gilman, and then out to the turnaround, almost all the way to Golden Gardens. 

Not really much to report about the race -- we just ran out, turned around, and ran back. At the end, we received a medal, had some hot cider, cookies, and jelly bellies, and then nibbled on them as we stretched. We ran pretty smoothly today, but we did decide to walk up the hill on Stone Way rather than run it. After all, we're supposed to be in our taper...

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