Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day Boot Camp

Managed to get myself out of bed early on Boxing Day to go to boot camp. Arrived to a nearly empty parking lot, and wondered if I should have checked the site before braving the morning. But as I sat there, another car arrived, so I figured I should just go in.

The 6am camp was wrapping up -- all FOUR of them. Wow. I signed in and wondered if I was going to have a personal training session. I must admit that I was hoping others were turn up because I wasn't feeling particularly strong!

But another woman arrived, and then, a few minutes into the workout, a third woman jumped in. We did a circuit focusing on "butts and guts" -- different squats and crunches, interspersed with cardio.

I was cold to begin with -- the heating hadn't been on in days, apparently -- but never really had a chance to take off my long sleeved shirt when I got warmer. I think I'll be pretty sore in a day or two... but again, really glad to have gone for my third session!

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