Friday, December 7, 2012

Leaving Las Vegas

Okay, so it isn't really running-related. Other than the fact that I am running out of town as fast as I can....

Other than the half marathon (PR!!!) on Sunday, the only exercise I got while at the conference was a short swim on Wednesday and a run on Thursday... So much for good intentions!

I also just feel doughy and flabby - even though the culinary choices were pretty limited, I think I still managed to overeat. Again, so much for good intentions!

But next week should be better. I am going to join a new boot camp for the four weeks until we go to Orlando for the Goofy. I think I will also be able to go to Nijah's Zumba class on Thursdays at work. And of course I have a lot of running to do.... So here's to going home, getting healthy again, and finishing the year on a high!

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