Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July wrap-up

Yeah, I feel pretty good about July:

Only ten boot camps (animal heads and skulls), but that's because the first week of the month camp was in recess. 
Twelve runs (smiley faces) -- including two half marathons, one of which was our second fastest EVER -- for 67.15 miles.
Five crossfit classes (tigers). Pretty sure I won't try it again. But at least I tried it, right? If we hadn't had a race on the second Saturday, I would definitely have completed the on-ramp series. I don't think it's for me.
Three tap classes (ummm, hearts... guess I forgot to stick them on....) -- LOVE LOVE LOVE tap class. The instructor is awesome, my classmates are funny, and we're starting to make tippity tappity sounds now. 

Let's be honest -- trying to balance crossfit and boot camp at the same time wasn't a good idea. I felt tired all the time, and just like I was too busy all the time. And tonight I really really really didn't want to go to crossfit. And that's okay. 

Goals for August? Keep up the running -- would like to be over 60 miles again. Go to every boot camp -- next week we're on break again, but we'll still have 11 sessions. Go to every tap class -- and practice at least once/week. I'd also like to go for a swim at some point -- maybe in the week when we're on hiatus. And I would like to go back to Zumba twice. I do enjoy the dancing.

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