Monday, July 16, 2012

Today's adventure

Boot camp this morning, where I felt pretty strong, and I think we were all in a good mood. Ellen had a strong finish in her half marathon, and was fast in the drills. Best part of the workout was when we had to sprint down the soccer field from end to end and I actually felt FAST.

Then work. Blah.

And then, tonight.... TAP DANCING.

I have always wanted to take a tap dance class. I tried once before, but discovered that my classmates were children... and realized I had nowhere to practice since I lived in an apartment...

So when an AmazonLocal deal came up for an eight-week beginner's dance class came up, well...

Of course, I bought the voucher nearly a year ago... But I had had trouble scheduling the eight week session. This time felt like my last chance before fall.

The instructor's name is Karen, and she is AWESOME. There are six students, all novices, and today we had a great time. We learned the warmup series we will do every week, then the syncopated shuffle, then "walking the dog" and a little pattern that goes with it, and finally "walking the cat". Best of all, I can practice in the basement.

I am happy to be A) using a voucher and B) doing something I have wanted to do for a long time.

Then home, where Wil had made dinner... and then for a nice evening walk to downtown Ballard. Yay for Monday!

Tomorrow: crossfit!!!

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