Friday, July 20, 2012

What did the big tomato say to the little tomato who was falling behind?


Let's see -- how did the rest of the week go?

Tuesday night CrossFit -- another tough workout.... that I have clearly already blocked out. Megan and Carlos let the session... oh! and we used the kettle bells -- one of the essential pieces of CrossFit equipment. I really like when Megan leads -- she is supportive in a.  super nice way. She manages to point out that it's normal that we won't be able to do a lot of the moves yet ... without making us feel like total losers. Maybe it's because she takes the "yet" angle.

That's in contrast with the other leader, who somehow makes us feel like we're weak and lame because we can't do ring dips... But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Carlos is also great -- he's very calm and soft-spoken, quietly correcting our form and urging us to work hard. I'm always pleased when he tells me I'm putting in good effort. Yeah, pathetic that I still seek positive reinforcement from my teachers!

In addition to kettle bell swings and squats, we also learned about "dubs" -- double-jumproping. There's a huge incentive to get your "dubs" figured out... because you can either do x-number of dubs, or 3x regular jumps. That said, during the WOD I just jumped single jumps as quickly as I could. We also did a LOT of squats, and were warned that we would be sore.

Wednesday morning boot camp -- better energy in the group, and I feel like we've really gelled a bit. Lots of partner work with the bands, which is always funny. And we got to hear Kerry actually get a name WRONG. (She's really really good with names, usually.) We do, however, seem to have lost some of the recruits -- no sign of Audrey (?) all week. Vacation perhaps?

Wednesday night? BLISS! Wil and I walked down to the pub and made a long loop around Ballard. Very relaxing, very nice. Oh, and btw, I never felt sore from the squats at Tuesday's CrossFit session. Nice to have a night "off"...

Thursday morning run -- ran around Green Lake again in nice weather. I feel a little stronger and a little faster, but I'm still just plodding along. Still, nice to be running in the real world!

Thursday night CrossFit -- my last "onramp" session since I'll miss Saturday's graduation WOD. We had the other instructor... who told us all that no one would be able to do the ring dips (okay, she was right, but still... the key word here is YET!), and then told us how much she loved box jumps and proceeded to show us her jumping skills. Not that there's that much to say about jumping up onto a box, but still. For whatever reason, she looked at me and one other woman and told me to get a 12-inch box.... but then told the other women to get 16-inch boxes. She then proceeded to tell me that if I needed to, they could get me something even lower. Ummm.... hi, I'm the woman with the long legs? One of two of us who does military pushups? But, fine, better to start low and grow into something higher. Besides, Stacey managed to bash her shin against a 16-inch box on her first set and quickly moved on to sharing one of the 12s. As did at least one other woman. So there!

Then today's boot camp -- where we were joined by two visitors who clearly underestimated the intensity of the workout (hee hee), got positively soaked by a very hard rain, did over 100 pushups, ran a bit, did a lot of sit-ups and squats, and then called 5 minutes early because of thunder and lightning. Oops.

All in all, a busy few days.

I'll be glad to have CrossFit behind me. I have promised to meet Stacey on Tuesday for the 6:30 WOD... we'll see how a "real" class is! I do think I see why it's so compelling as a workout -- the points, the scoring, the variety -- but I just prefer boot camp. Heck, I even prefer Dillon's class, I think. And especially when a month of CrossFit costs the same as a month of boot camp, well, it's a no-brainer. Farewell CrossFit. Hello again Vast Fitness!

Oh, and yeah, tomorrow is the Olympia Lakefair Half Marathon. The course looks relatively flat, lots of running on old railroad trails. And my mom will be cheering us on at the finish. Nice!

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