Sunday, July 15, 2012

And on the seventh day, Sunny rested

What a week! Frankly, TOO much of a week, but let's recap...

Monday morning: boot camp starts up again
Tuesday morning: run around Green Lake
Tuesday night:  CrossFit onramp session 1
Wednesday morning: a very sluggish boot camp
Thursday morning: run around Green Lake
Thursday night: CrossFit onramp session 2
Friday morning: low-energy boot camp
Saturday noon: CrossFit onramp session 3


Saturday's CrossFit course was a little intimidating and frightening... I got there a little early to go through the warmup -- which went pretty well except the "5 pull-ups". Ummm. Well.

Then we reviewed our form for the barbell lifts (yeah, forgot the name of the move again already). Then Megan split us into two groups.

One group worked with Carlos on "wall ball" (squatting, then driving your body upward and throwing a medicine ball above a point on a line, then catching the ball and going back into a squat), then "renegade rows"(push up while holding on to two dumbbells, then "row" with each arm, repeat...), and lunges. Good old, bog standard lunges.

The other group worked with Megan on dead lifts -- where we learned the right form and practiced lifting the barbells with 10-pound weights on each end. Big weights -- so they look like proper weights -- but not too heavy.

Megan explained the workout -- we didn't have all that much time left. Six minutes doing sets of 5 dead lifts and 10 squats; two minutes' rest; six minutes doing sets of 5 renegade rows and 10 wall ball throws.

Then we learned how to mark our reps on a white board -- draw two lines, one for each set of exercises. As you complete a rep, you erase a little bit of the line by swiping your finger across it. At the end of the workout, you count up your reps.

Then, with little more prep, we were off. I started with the dead lifts. I was really worried about hurting my back, so I took it relatively slow. Not sure I would be able to lift "with intensity" on that sort of thing. Then while I was doing my third round with lunges, Megan told me I could swap to squats.

(Oh, yeah, Friday afternoon I managed to slip on a wet floor downstairs -- that Wil had warned me about as I went downstairs -- and land hard on my left knee. I've got an awesome bruise.)

After six minutes (and 6 sets...) were up, we had a break. A blissful, 2-minute break. I got myself set up for the second round, cleverly putting my wall ball near by dumbbells. Then we were off. I started with the rows -- and I really struggled. But I was able to lift the 12.5-pound dumbbells, and not swap down to 8s or 5s. Then wall ball, which was pretty easy since I was using the 8-pound medicine ball. But as the minutes passed, I really burned out. I only managed 5 sets. At one point I lost my balance on a wall ball throw -- right as Carlos was watching. So cool, me.

Then we were done. Just like that. I do think it's a little weird that there's no group stretching or cool down; I suppose the idea is that you stretch what you need to. Megan warned us that we would be sore, since we did so much leg work. So far I feel okay -- going for a walk Saturday afternoon and this morning was a good idea. That said, my arms are tired...

Today? Rest. We went up to the zoo to visit the orangutans, but then basically came home and hung out. I did a lot of tidying, a bit of organizing, and then a bit of stitching.

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