Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Off topic: we love Jonathan Richman

Fled an absurdly boring work offsite (about which the least said, the better....) to come home and nap before going to the Tractor to see Jonathan Richman play the first of two nights. The doors were for 9, but when Wil called they also said that JR would take the stage at 9. This seemed unlikely in this city of "club shows" where the usual pattern is doors at 8, opening act at 9, and headliner at 10 or later. But when we arrived at 9:30, JR was on stage and crooning away.

It was lovely to see him -- my first time seeing him live -- he seems the embodiment of the word "troubador" or "balladeer", somehow. He sings and plays with such joy that the whole room was enraptured. A few minutes after we arrived he played his wonderful, marvellous, "Dancing in a Lesbian Bar" song; leaving his drummer and the audience to clap the rhythm, and the audience to sing the choruses while Jonathan engaged in what could only be called a "dance solo". Delicious!

I am a huge fan of early nights -- especially since I have Boot Camp tomorrow! -- so thank you, Jonathan, for a civilized evening that wrapped up at 10:25. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night. (And we'll be there at 9.)

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