Saturday, May 15, 2010

Boot Camp Day 9

Glorious weather for our third Fun Friday. I was a bit dubious when I noticed the golf clubs. I have a completely irrational dislike of golf -- or at least golf culture. No, I have never played golf. But the stereotypes of the corporate slimeballs and drunken fratboys kinda turns me off. I have friends who golf, none of whom fit the stereotype, but for some reason I still don't like the idea of golfing.

So when we ran out and set up 9 "holes" around the park, with different exercises, I was feeling a little pouty. Especially since I have never actually swung a golf club outside of a few childhood rounds of putt-putt and a single bucket of balls at a driving range. I suppose it didn't matter that Ben didn't have any lefty clubs -- it wasn't as if I was going to be very productive anyway.

But I took a club and began hacking away at the ball, moving it a few feet at a time. Which was okay, because I wanted to do more reps at the holes. At one point Ben ran over to give me some golf tips. I told him I didn't know how to swing a club, so it didn't really matter -- but that just made him want to show me how it's done. Let's just say I improved exponentially, but I still think my longest shot was about 50 feet.

So once I got over my "ew, golf" issues, it was okay, though I missed chatting with the ladies a little.

Next week is my last week -- I need to start looking for whatever will come next!

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