Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 4 & 5

I'm so far behind on blogging that I am going to combine Monday's and Wednesday's boot camp sessions into one post.

Monday morning I felt really spry -- a little stiffness in the tendons along my ankles -- probably from the severe camber on the roads in Vancouver. Other than that, I felt good. Got to the park a little early so I decided to stretch out my legs wih a guiqck loop (1/2 mile) around the park.

When I got back, Tressa had arrived, so Ben gave us our powerbands and we set off. We did a 30:30 interval workout, with intense sets of exercise followed by rest. Flex, rest, repeat.

Tressa is sweet and intense -- loves to work out with the hardest band, is focused but friendly, and is a good workout partner. I think she likes that I've been steady and that I also work hard (rather than chat).

Felt surprisingly sore during the abs portion, but got through it in the end.

A quick drive to TMO to shower, a swing by my desk to pick up my laptop, and then back over to Bellevue for the "Marketing Bootcamp" 3-day offsite. (Yawn).

Today -- Wednesday -- got up despite staying up too late last night. No Tressa today, but the other laeies all came. I felt like we did a surprising amount of work today -- lots of lunges, lots of squats, and LOTS of arm work. Not sure why, but things seemed to flow really well today. Also, I didn't struggle as much with the ab work -- would be nice to be impriving a bit! So... 5 days down ouf of my set of 12 -- and I'm still really loving it!

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  1. Now I know where you've been all week! :-)

    You make boot camp sound like fun. Weird.