Friday, May 28, 2010

catching up - Boot Camp Days 11 and 12

Sitting at the airport waiting for our flight... which means I suddenly have a completely free 20 minutes after a hectic couple of weeks.

So let's see -- I did go to Boot Camp days 11 and 12, which were pretty quiet. Just me and Lori on the Wednesday, and we did a lot of leg work. Then on "fun Friday" Ben set up 12 stations and we had to roll the dice to know what station to report to. Knowing that 7 is the most-rolled number, he put lunges at that station.

So I loved Boot Camp -- loved the act of getting up, working out for an hour, and then arriving at my desk all giddy and "endorphined". I don't think I will pick it back up, however -- I don't know if I am working hard enough? Sure, I'd feel sore, but never really sore or tired. Not that I believe in the "no pain, no gain" stuff, but I think I need more.

That said, I essentially stopped running in May. Other than the two half marathons, I only ran one small distance. So perhaps in conjunction with running I would feel more "exercised"?

We're off to Blighty for the first time in years -- for Beck's wedding. Looking forward to seeing everyone again, and the change of scenery. I brought my running shoes, but Wil wasn't going to... until this morning in a last-minute change of plan he decided to wear them on the plane. The sad shoes post earlier today shows my fashion shame... yes, I'm wearing my running shoes with my street clothes. At least they are black.

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