Friday, May 7, 2010

Boot Camp Day 6

Today was another "Fun Friday" at boot camp -- and it really WAS fun! Ben set up 20 different exercise stations along a long stretch of path, with a magnetic dartboard at one end. The rules were simple -- you threw a dart and took direction as to which station to visit from your "score". Then you ran to the station and did 15 reps -- or 20 if you had missed the target completely on your first throw.

It was fast-moving and had plenty of variety. Ben kept moving between the 4 of us (no Tressa today, again) and kept correcting our form, etc. I was surprised how quickly the time went -- even if I got sent to the pushup station twice and the crunches station three times.

I will say that it's easier to do crunches than it was even a week ago... so I guess that's something. Plus I really enjoy the running around and exercising.

Funny randomness -- learned that one of the ladies also works at TMO... and then I actually passed her in Loehmann's Plaza when I went out for a walk with Lisetta and Stasi at lunch. Small world, innit?

So, boot camp is officially half over, which makes me a tiny bit sad. But we'll see how I feel on Monday!

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