Monday, May 10, 2010

Boot Camp Day 7

Woke up this morning to a steady drizzle... and to the realization that I hadn't set my alarm for 5:00. Oops. But I had set it for 5:30 (my wake-up time for Sunday morning), and I had already packed everything for the morning and even put out the trash and recycling, so I was still on the road by 5:45. Unfortunately, the wet weather slowed down traffic and I didn't arrive at the park till 6:05. Luckily, they (Ben and Tressa) were still there.

See, on wet days they hold Boot Camp "in a space undercover" -- which turns out to be the covered walkway in a nearly-empty shopping complex, the one where that great Thai restaurant Charley introduced us to used to be. So we drove over there and Ben got out the stretch bands -- brand new ones -- and some cones, and started putting us through our paces.

He was impressed and a little envious that I had run another half, which sorta makes me laugh. As such, he was a little gentle on my legs, but all the more harsh on my arms and abs. ("You need balance." Amen, brother.)

It's much nicer to work out in the park, but as the rain got harder and harder, I was really happy to be undercover. Here's hoping for nicer weather on Wednesday.

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