Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Austin run

Lindsay and I got up BEFORE SUNRISE to head out for our morning run along Austin's Lady Bird Lake Trail. We had an early call time this morning, so we had to start early to get the miles in.

I plotted a route down to the river, along the trail for a couple of miles, across the river, and then back -- a nice little loop. Though the sun didn't rise until we were well on our way, it was getting light... but not so light that the bats had gone back to their colony -- we saw several flitting about still. (Lindsay did not enjoy this.)

(And, no, we weren't anywhere near the river and the bat colony when we saw them. Honest.)

Plenty of bugs around, too... not so much the bitey stingey bugs, just the swarm and inhale/eat sort of bugs.

And did I mention that it was already muggy? Ew.

But there was a decent breeze, and we trotted along at a pretty good pace. It was surprisingly green -- really lush and lovely, and the combination of unmowed meadow and crushed stone path made it feel a bit like the Thames Path. (Except with more runners...)

Finished our run completely soaking wet and, of course, gorgeous. I think the highlight was when Lindsay reached over and scraped a bug off my face. Umm... I guess I was running REALLY FAST. Still, all in all, a very nice run.

My picture didn't come out very well -- but here are a couple of nice ones that really capture the feel of the trail:

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