Friday, April 30, 2010

Boot Camp: Day 3

It wasn’t just Friday at Boot Camp…. It was Fun Friday! Ben set up a circuit course around the park with different exercises at each stop. The key was that you needed to throw a Frisbee to get to each stop. The more times you had to throw the Frisbee to get to the stop, the more reps you had to do of each exercise. And, of course, you had to run to follow your Frisbee.

Part of the challenge was not hitting the other ladies…. (all four of whom were also there today). Oh, and did I mention that there’s a “lake” and a “moat” around the park? Let’s just say I hit a water hazard and had to rescue my Frisbee by using my stretch band to pull it closer to the edge of the grass. Most of us hit other people – or were hit ourselves – at least once. That said, none of us were exactly whipping the Frisbees… except for the punky lady, who apparently played Frisbee golf in college and has a pretty good arm.

I did three circuits, which meant I did more running than on Wednesday, but I used the very gentle “green band” – so I don’t feel as if I got very much upper body exercise. Still, the crunches were really tough to do today, for some reason. Oh, and there were push-ups, but luckily I only took three well-aimed throws to get from the crunch station to the push-up station each time.

It’s funny that the other ladies – only one of whom had completed a half marathon before – were so impressed that we were racing this weekend. It just shows how far we’ve come since the beginning, when the 1-minute run, 1-minute walk, 10 times was Really Hard.

So, I’m still loving Boot Camp – it’s fun, it makes me do things besides running, and it fits into my schedule. Of course, the summer travel season starts pretty soon, so we’ll see if I keep at it.

After work we will be driving up to Vancouver for the half -- very excited about hitting the road!

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