Wednesday, April 7, 2010

good news and bad news

Here's the good news: Wil's number came up in the NYC Marathon lottery, giving him a guaranteed bib!

... and the bad news: my number did not:

I was really nervous and excited when ... at 11:45 or so ... I remembered that the drawing had taken place. I struggled to remember my password -- I thought I tried every possible combination, but in the end I did remember. While trying to remember mine, I logged in to Wil's account.. and got his good news first. About 15 minutes later I finally logged in to mine. Boo.

So now we're at the "let's see if a friendly sponsor can secure a bib for me" stage, and potentially finding a charity to run for. So we're definitely going to do it-- it's just that we'll need a bit of time to sort out my part of the deal. But yay Wil for getting a bib!!!

1 comment:

  1. Brendan's number got chosen and Jason is going to do the "raise $3000" option, too. So maybe we'll trek out in November and marvel at you crazy runners! XOXOOX