Thursday, April 8, 2010


Ran this morning early... tried to follow the sketch map that the hotel put together... but what they said was 6.9 miles was just 4.2 miles... so perhaps I was crossing the wrong bridge? Anyway, I ran up to the very handsome capitol building, and then down to the river. Sunrise seems to come quickly here -- it was dark when I set out, but was light really quickly. Or maybe I was just really slow...

So down to the river, along the river for a while, across the very handsome pedestrian bridge (pictures!), and then back along the river. I ran along path and under the "bat bridge", aka the Congress Street Bridge. I was a little hesitant to run under it, but it's not like one sees bats or anything. Then across the bridge, and back to the hotel... where I ran smack dab into our stylists and photographer. Yes, I looked awesome at the time. No, really.

Then (and this isn't running-related...) we had a great day two of the shoot. Great models, and the great crew (again). Rounded out the evening with a night out with the main crew at Guerros... where we had a great time. I promised the crew that I would work on being meaner before next time, because my goal is to make them terrified of me. ;)

(What must their other clients be like if *I'm* the nice one? Ouch.)

Happy to head home tomorrow, though I'm already trying to figure out the next time I can come to Austin... this time with Wil.

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