Friday, April 23, 2010

fitness news...

Okay, a few things of note...

1. After a visit to Road Runner late last week, where Wil got new shoes but I decided to wait and order mine online. Why? Well, because I wanted the BLACK ones, of course! They arrived last night and... they're pretty strange. I mean, they're basically the same shoes, but some of the details are different. The old pair had a lot of grey/silver accents... on the new shoes, most of those have been replaced with shiny black vinyl details.... which makes them somehow look more plasticky. Weird. Anyway, went for a little walk in them on Thursday night, and I plan to break them in on Sunday.

2. Stopped by Super Jock n Jill on the way home to pick up our race packets for the Top Pot Doughnut Dash 5K -- we got great numbers (I'm 80, Wil is 147, which apparently is a perfect score in snooker?) and the shirts are very nice. Sadly, they didn't print "will race for doughnuts" on the back. Missed a trick there.

3. This morning got an email from Title Nine in Bellevue highlighting upcoming events, including a boot camp in Bellevue. I have been wanting to do a boot camp for a couple of years now, but always had a reason or two that it didn't work for me. I wanted one that was early in the morning, preferably on the east side. And I always seemed to be out of town somewhere during the 4 weeks. Well, this one starts on Monday, 4/26, and runs through 5/21 -- and I have no travel scheduled for work or for real life. It's in Bellevue, only a couple of miles from work (and our showers), and is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6 - 7am. So I had no excuses! I signed up for the full deal -- 12 sessions in 4 weeks. I'm nervous and excited!

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