Monday, April 26, 2010

Boot Camp: Day 1

Managed to find the park – it is, after all, directly across the street from Bellevue Square. But then I wasn’t sure where in the park to go. Luckily, I remembered Beth saying to meet near the “play structure” (which we would have called a jungle gym when I was a kid… ). So I drove until I saw the bright red, yellow, and blue thing and parked.

Ben, my new coach, was there getting warmed up. I headed over and introduced myself and, in my nervous way, blithered at him for a while. Monday has the fewest attendees – usually just 2 or 3 folks – while Wednesday and Friday are more popular (especially with the 2x/week folks). But today – happily for me – I was the only participant, so I had a personal trainer for an hour.

Ben asked lots of questions about my fitness, how I exercise, any injuries, etc. … while we were first walking and then jogging around the cinder path around the park. He kept us moving – running for a couple of minutes, then stopping and doing an exercise or two. We did steps, used exercise tubing to work my arms, back, and legs, and then did lots of lunges. (oof) After about 45 minutes of this we stopped and did abs work – crunches, “squiggles”, etc. And then some lovely stretching to round it all out. All in all, a great workout.

None of it was complicated, fancy, or difficult – but it was great to have someone making sure I didn’t do things wrong… and that I didn’t get lazy. I can already feel it a bit in my back, and I bet my abs will be sore tomorrow.

Drove the 10 minutes to work, had a quick shower in the gym, and was at my desk before 7:45. I feel great – absurdly pleased with myself for getting up early and exercising – and I’m excited about going back on Wednesday. Yay for Boot Camp!!!!!

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