Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Open Water Swimming

Given the hot weather -- and my triathlon being only a month away -- we decided to go to Green Lake for a swim after work. So we brought the inlaws along (for their first visit to Green Lake) and headed in to the water. Sue and Tony walked around the lake, while we swam for 25 minutes. I still have a hard time swimming in a straight line in the dark water, but I wasn't scared or nervous. In fact, once I got going, I was quite comfortable. Of course, I have no idea how many lengths we swam, but we swam steadily.

Coincidentally (or perhaps it was just the last straw), I read this article in Competitor NW magazine about the new open-water swimming event at the Olympics. Swimming ten kilometers! That's over six miles! They swim for two hours! And they get fed WHILE THEY SWIM!!! It's the most exciting and amazing thing I've read in weeks. Bring on the games!

Yeah, okay, maybe that's why I decided to get back in the lake today...

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