Friday, July 25, 2008

Lady Liberty

Short morning run along the Manhattan Greenway down to Battery Park. You probably can't tell, but that green squiggle is the Statue of Liberty.
The massive thunderstorms from Wednesday night meant things were still a bit stormy yesterday, so I decided to hold off and hope for better weather today... and I'm glad I did. Ran west to the river, then along the glorious new boardwalk, down to Battery Park City and then Battery Park. Lots of runners and cyclists out enjoying the morning. Suffering a bit from the effects of last night's theater fun, but things went pretty well.
Also, completely accidentally, I saw one of the waterfalls in the distance. At first I thought it was a fireboat in full spray -- but then realized that it was a waterfall. Someone told me he thought the project was overrated... but I thought it was lovely. Of course, by the time I got close, it had stopped -- apparently they run on a schedule of some sort. I even cut my run short, stretching and milling about in the park hoping it would start up again. It didn't, so I hurried back to the hotel to go to the airport. Home soon (but not soon enough!)

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