Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Marina del Run...

In LA for a 2-day photoshoot, which sounds way more interesting and glamorous than it is. The agency wanted us to stay in West Hollywood, which sounded dreadful because the only way I had been able to face a return to LA was the fact that I could get up early and run on the beach. So I managed to get rooms booked for me and my beloved brand agency team at the Ritz Carlton in Marina del Rey -- much, much more appealing. Really great beds, an amazing bathtub, and a nice location, less than a mile from the beach.

So I got up this morning, early, to do my long run. Of course, I hadn't had much sleep, so I was worried I wouldn't make it. I headed out along the marina at a brisk pace, trying to get my bearings. Once I reached the street that headed out to the beach at Venice, I started running. Slowly at first, of course, but picking up some speed as I got to the beach. It was hot and humid -- no ocean breeze yet, unfortunately -- but the paths were quiet and I was able to pootle along, running 6 minutes and walking 1. I wasn't feeling very fast, or very good, but I have to give myself an A+ for getting up and getting out there this morning. I thought I had turned back a bit too early -- I was running out of time and worried about being late -- but I ended up taking a wrong turn on the way back to the hotel and, because I didn't know if the road went through, had to double back. So in the end, including the walking, 7.55 miles.

Didn't do enough stretching, unfortunately, so I'm a little worried that I'll be sore tomorrow. But I feel happy with myself for running.

Wil ran home from work, suffering in the heat and getting dizzy and dehydrated. Poor little bear. But I'm proud of him -- of us.

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